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. But for the 1982 World Cup in Spain Ron decided that only one of us would play and he sat us down and told us that it was going to me. I think Ray would admit that I was a more enthusiastic trainer than he was but of course he went on to be […]
. His philosophy has been criticised by some, with Tottenham prepared to sit deep and hit opponents on the counter, but Sheringham is eager to point out that they are not the first to prosper down that path. With Mourinho having been fired on Monday, talk has already switched to his successor. Indeed, the latest […]
929 maglia real madrid 2022 Johann . Ceferin has hinted on Wednesday any European nations may look to withdraw from FIFA’s governance and go it alone, unless they change their plans for a World Cup every two years – a move which would also clearly threaten the staging of the UEFA’s flagship European Championships. No […]